Six items that are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry wardrobe!

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Six Items that are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry wardrobe!

1. Diamond Studs

dia earrings

The most versatile earrings you will ever own! Your diamond studs match your favorite casual outfit OR your LBD! They are the perfect compliment to your favorite statement necklace and offer a simple, yet eye-catching sparkle. Diamond studs are available in a range of sizes and cuts that will be sure to suit your personal preference.

2. Bangle bracelets


Bangle bracelets are the new-fangled way to express your jewelry personality! Bangles have a variety of styles and widths. They are typically a “slip-on” bracelet, but some have hinges for easy on and off. Charles Garnier offers a variety of sterling silver luxury bangles and Gabriel and Co. makes stainless steel bangles that are easily stacked for a polished and fun look!

3. Pendant necklace


This everyday piece goes with anything and everything. These pendants can hold special significance for the wearer i.e. birthstones, charms, or lockets. The pendant necklace is a classic option that makes a great gift for yourself or someone else. These classic pendants look great layered, too! Vary the lengths and styles and you’ll look like you jumped out of a 2016 fashion magazine.

4. Big gemstone ring

gemstone ring

The “cocktail” ring is bold and oversized and has been styling hands since the 1920’s. If your LBD needs a pop of color on girl’s night, this is the ring for you! From sapphire to citrine, the statement this ring makes will not disappoint. Typically, the cocktail ring sports one large gem sometimes surrounded with other small gemstones.

5. Pearls


Whether you are at work or going out on the town, choosing pearls as an accessory is never wrong. The most traditional way to wear pearls is a single or double necklace hanging 16-18 inches in length. A fun way to spice up the pearls is choosing a long, dramatic opera-length strand that can be layered to any length you choose! Pearls also come in a variety of colors if white just isn’t your cup of tea.

6. Classic watch


Because of our smartphones, the function of telling time has changed. Watches are now about fashion and status. Watch bands and faces range from small to oh-so large! The bands are an array of colors and metals that give you many options. Leather bands add a classic look and are available in different textures and colors. A watch with simple, clean lines will go with everything you wear, which is the reason it made our top six must haves.

These are just the basic building blocks for a killer jewelry wardrobe. Clearly, once you get started you’ll want a couple of each that reflect your personality and style. Let’s have some fun!

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